– Additional service pricing as follows:
Shrink Wrapping service : Rm25/item
Double bubble + Stretch Film wrapping Service: Rm50/ item
 – Dismantle & Refix:
* Normal size: Rm50/item
* Big size ( >4ft ): Rm150/item
 – Without Lift / Staircase:
* Rm20/Floor = 1 tonne lorry
* Rm60/Floor = 3 tonne lorry
* Rm100/Floor = 5 tonne lorry
 – Provide Large size boxes : Rm12 ( 550mm Length x 400mm Width x 450mm Height )
 – Packing service Rm15/box ( inclusive packing materials )
 – Moving heavy item like piano, safebox, chiller or vending machine : Please enquire to our team for a quote.
Terms and Conditions for Moving and Lorry Rental Services:
1. Available for Monday to Sunday (9am to 5pm), including public holiday. Service provided beyond 5pm will be subjected overtime charges.
2. Service available in Klang Valley and throughout Malaysia.
3. At least 3 days advanced booking is required.
4. For condo move, please get management approval. If driver is unable to enter the condo, we are not liable to reschedule or replace the lorry to another date. A separate lorry rental is required for any rescheduling for this situation.
5. Any additional fee incurred during the move such as security deposit to management and parking fee to the building during loading and unloading, shall be paid by the client.
6. Pindah Rumah reserves the right to impose additional charges should any of the following unforeseen circumstances occur, but not limited to:
• Additional staircases that were not make aware to Pindah Rumah during the quotation process.
• Presence of narrow lift(s) or faulty lifts that could not fit large/heavy items that are being moved, resulting in the need for Pindah Rumah to use the staircase to move the items.
• Lifts that were out of service during the move resulting in the use of staircase to move the items.
• Any additional requirements that require to use additional manpower, packaging material and equipment.
7. No valuable items shall be packed during move. Pindah Rumah is not responsible for any loses if any personal valuable items is missing during the move.
8. Quote package pricing is based on best estimate of normal working condition.
9. Actual working environment to be assessed on site by Pindah Rumah staff. Meanwhile, please provide photos and description of actual working environment during inquiry for us to provide best estimate quotation to avoid any dispute.